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Explorer NZ is a New Zealand based inflatable boat manufacturing company in its second decade of operation. We specialise in water jet technology, PVC and Hypalon inflatable boat manufacture and the re-tube and repair of inflatable boats.

With nearly all production in house Explorer NZ uses innovation and leading edge technology to produce safe and environmentally efficient products in the following application areas:


Recreational RIBs


300 Panther Jet

3.0 metre 105Hp Waterjet
380 Panther Jet

3.8 metre 105Hp Waterjet


550 Gulf Cruiser Outboard

5.5 metre Outboard
420 Viking Outboard

4.3 metre Outboard


We manufacture recreational inflatable boat RIB craft in sizes from 2.9 metres to 8.3 metres powered by outboard motors or inboard waterjets. For the small (<4.3m) inboard waterjets we have exclusive supply of Panther waterjet propulsion units.

Within the range a number of models have been specifically designed and built within the weight and size constraints of specific yachts tender systems eg a 2.9 metre water jet inflatabe tender to fit within the constraints of the Maritimo or Riviera Locker.


Commerical RIBs

10.6 Troop Carrier

10 metre 600Hp Waterjet Troop Carrier
5.5 Rescue Waterjet

5.5 metre 200Hp/240Hp Waterjet Rescue Craft

Explorer NZ's design and manufacturing expertise comes from a long association with providing high speed purpose built commercial and military RIB craft.

The most recent innovation has been the delivery of a 5.5 metre high speed lightweight coast guard inflatable  water jet craft designed to operate in rough conditions and be airlifted.


OEM, PVC and Hypalon Retube and Repair Services



Sealegs with Explorer NZ hypalon tubes


Explorer NZ also offers OEM, retube and repair services for any RIB or Inflatable brand in either Hypalon or PVC. 


Explorer NZ is the current outsource tube manufacturer for all Sealegs International craft. This enables us to offer a unique 'factory direct quality' retube or repair service for Sealegs craft.


Given this business, Explorer has a number of experienced and expert tube technicians as permanent staff. This skill combined with rigorous QA processes ensures that Explorer provides a manufacturer level of quality to the retube for RIBs of any brand.


Mini Jetsprint


320 Mini Jetsprint

3.2 metre 107Hp Waterjet
320 Panther Mini Jetsprint

3.2 metre 107Hp Waterjet

We manufacture a 3.2metre, 2 seater, mini jetsprint craft, ideal for father son racing. This easy to store, tow and manoeuvre craft is ideal for watersports but can be customised to suit fishing or hunting as well.


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